My most used tools and resources

As an IT Consultant I use a number of Tools/Applications/Resources to make my job easier.

Here is my list of useful tools (in no particular order):

  1. ADModify – This tool is by far one of the most useful tools out there! Whilst you can PowerShell a lot of the work this makes is simple and you can select individual OU’s or an entire domain. The best this of all it that it creates an undo XML file, so if you put in the wrong syntax (like I have across 2,000 users) you can easily reverse the change.
  2. Notepad ++ – This is one of the better text editors out there. I use it for editing my host file, as when I hit save it will prompt me to re-open with elevated privileges, and then same the host file. I also use this to write some of my PowerShell Scripts.
  3. OneNote – OK so this is deployed with Office so you may not think that this is a Tool/App/Resource worth mentioning but I love OneNote. It is really useful when I am on site, I can use my stylus to draw some “rough” proof of concept diagram in there or just take notes and I do not need to worry about saving it as it is already saved.
  4. Greenshot – This is so far one of the better print screen tools I have used. it takes a copy of the screen shot and saves to s designated folder as a PNG file but also copies the capture to the clipboard so I can paste directly into word
  5. PowerShell ISE – This is built in with Windows but it is really useful for writing and running PowerShell Scripts if I am writing longer scripts then I will usually use this over Notepad ++
  6. TeamViewer – I’ve used a number of remote access software tools in the past but I always come back to this one. it is by far the best one out there. Yeah sure there are a few things that are a nuisance, like the fact you cannot see anything if the user on the other side minimises their RDP session on the server or worst still closes it down, but on the whole its a really good desktop sharing service.
  7. Spotify – Where would we be without music when working remotely or in the office, nothing better than listening through the Sonos or plugging some headphones in and listening to tunes whilst getting in to the “zone”
  8. Office ProPlus Configuration XML Editor – This tools is the bomb for when creating XML files for an Office 365 ProPlus Deployment or if you are wanting to create an MSI/EXE package to deploy Office, Visio, or Project.
  9. MX Toolbox – this is a really useful site where I can check DNS records (not just MX records) for a domain name. this can report on pretty much any DNS record.
  10. Google – where would we be without google. Sometimes I feel a bit of a fraud when I use Google on a customer site but its an art in its self knowing what exactly to google for (Well I keep telling myself that).
  11. Microsoft Test Connectivity – This site is really handy for testing things like Autodiscover, mail headers and Free/Busy lookups and seeing an output detailing any errors if there are any for trouble shooting.
  12. SSLForFree – so this is a pretty new one for me, for testing I usually buy a cheap certificate from Namecheap however SSLForFree offer a free 90 day multi name cert.

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