A New Home

So, I finally got round to configure a Ubuntu LAMP Server on an Azure VM last year some time as a test for my Blog and it all seemed to work fine, however I had it running on my MSDN subscription, so I thought I’d best setup my own Subscription and build my Blog on an A1 Basic VM.

In short my VM is configured with the following:

  • Ubuntu 16.04.3
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • PostFix

My previous VM would allow me to use itself as an SMTP Relay however this VM would not let me do anything on port 25, I could telnet to it on port 25, however I could not telnet from it on port 25.  As I wanted to use this as an SMTP Relay for those times I might forget my WordPress password and need to send myself an email with a link to reset it I configured an Azure Sendgrid subscription using the Free tier (25,000) messages a month. This then meant I could have my blog send out comment notifications, update notifications and so on.

I could have used one of the plugins that are available for SMTP however I wanted my Blog to use the local hosts SMTP relay.

I guess my next challenge is to try and keep this updated and posts things of use a bit more regularly!






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